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really be punished for her patriotism? we report, you're going to decide. you'll do it right here. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hello, people. welcome to the monday edition of "fox & friends" and our old buddy gretchen carlson back. >> i am back. from the back woods of upper minnesota. great to be back. >> you were hiking? >> i wouldn't go that far. i wasn't really camping either. >> the mall of america? >> i avoided -- no, i love the mall of america. it was very hot in minnesota just like you had here on the east coast. people don't think it can get that hot. 110 degrees there. great to be back, though. >> speaking of hot, things certainly got hot. the debt crisis talks broke down over the weekend. we saw the president of the united states come out, he had a press conference, he scolded the republicans. it's interesting. there's an item in "the washington post" that says that
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apparently yesterday they were this close. boehner had in the room reid and he also had mcconnell and they all came together and they said ok, the framework of the boehner deal, a two-step deal, we all agree to. however, they went up and they talked to the president of the united states and they said wait a minute, this won't get me through election. no, absolutely not. i need a long term thing, buddy. i reject. >> senator harry reid has reportedly come up with his own plan. let's break it down for you. this is all difficult to try to digest all these different plans that have been going around the last couple of weeks. it would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion through 2013 which would cover president obama and the re-election bid. $2.7 billion in spending cuts but there would be no touching entitlement reform and no -- here's the important thing from the democrats point of view, no tax hikes as well. >> that's the big sacrifice? one of their big cuts is a trillion dollars out of the defense budget because they
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figured out that the iraq war is winding down so afghanistan is also winding down and that's the trillion dollars they thought they'd save but they don't list anything with the harry reid plan and not to look at entitlements, how could you possibly say we're taking a hard look and making tough decision abouts the future of our -- of the country economically and not look at entitlements when even the president of the united states has had a problem. let's look at john boehner. he says, all right, i'll raise the debt ceiling. this is what i mean by a two phased plan. just a trillion dollars and we'll have $1.2 trillion in cuts by the end of the year. the future cuts will be commissioned and sent up after they commission a bipartisan panel to decide, you know, republicans or democrats to decide which will be cut and what shouldn't. >> and apparently, it would be along the lines of the cut, cap and balance as you can see right there. here is something that speaker boehner said why he cannot support the democrats' plan. he said the administration says they need all of the increase up front so he doesn't have to deal with this until after the
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election really his election. he started the year asking for an increase with no cuts. he's trying to set this up so he gets a $2.4 trillion blank check. or to end in default so he can blame us. >> harry reid went on to say this about explaining about how the talks were breaking down over the weekend. speaker boehner's plan no matter how he tries to dress it up is a short-term plan and there's therefore a nonstarter in the senate and with the president. so here we are again, you know, i go on vacation, come back, we still don't have this plan so what was gonna happen with the markets? we're going to get to that in a moment with stu varney because that's going to be the big question today, how is the market going to respond here in the united states when it opens. >> does it -- and gretchen, does it help anybody? does it help our country at all on either side by continuing to say the world has come into our -- armageddon is near and it's catastrophic. it's unthinkable. when you do that, what do you think you do to investors or worried about your own political
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future? >> and mr. money joins us on the couch. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's interesting over the weekend, they were talking about how, ok, we're going to come together with a plan before the markets open in asia and the united states. no plan. what's happened? >> ok, no panic selling of stocks. that's the headline. no panic selling. the stock market will open lower this morning. instead, what you got is panic buying of gold! everybody rushes to safety when you got this chaos around the world and everybody is rushing into gold. you got another record high for the price this morning. $1,620 an ounce. now, the various plans that you just outlined there, brian, especially the harry reid plan is utterly meaningless to investors. >> haven't they told us that already? >> they have. it's meaningless, long term cuts not touching entitlements. undetailed cuts except we'll take a trillion out of the pentagon. to an investor, that means america is not going to get its financial house in order. that plan from senator reid opts
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the idea, the likelihood that we're going to be downgraded fairly soon. that's what's happened. >> here's the thing. yesterday, everyone was sort of panicked, i guess is the right word because they were saying, look, if we don't have some sort of a deal by tonight, the asian markets which, of course, open hours before the u.s. markets, they'll be affected. what happened? >> then along came harry reid with this new proposal, with apparently no tax increases but just long dated, vague cuts in spending. that placated investors to some degree. asian markets were down and as i said, the american market, the dow industrials will open maybe 100 points down in a couple of hours time. >> real quickly, the harry reid plan calls for less than $4 trillion in cuts as does john boehner's. s&p, moody's, unless you cut that much, $4 trillion, you'll probably get downgraded. >> that's why i say the likelihood of this downgrade and let's be clear, a downgrade means you lose your financial reputation.
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you're not the gold standard any longer. >> it's different from default. >> it's entirely separate from default. i'm saying a downgrade now looks very likely bearing in mind the chaos over the weekend and this harry reid plan that means absolutely nothing to investors. >> only thing i would amend to that, it seems as though they say if we do something drastic enough that shows people that we're on a fiscal sustainable path, something titanic, then we could avoid that, don't you agree? >> i would agree with that if we got our house in order and said we're going to tackle entitlements, we'll go after this. we'll do something concrete, if you did that, the likelihood is the stock market will go up. that's likely to happen. >> we can catch you on the fox business network and we'll look forward to that so much. now your headlines and we start with the fox news alert. dramatic video from the dallas area. one of the engines on this american airlines jet heading to brazil caught fire shortly after takeoff from dallas/ft. worth international airport. the pilot dumping fuel to lighten the load and make an emergency landing. still several tires were busted
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on landing because of the excess weight. no one on the plane was hurt but some local residents report smelling gas in the air. no word yet on what caused the fire. norway terror suspect anders brvick appearing in court for the first time this morning. the hearing will remain behind closed doors. he wanted to wear a uniform and have an open arraignment so he could explain his massacre to the public. prosecutors want him to remain in custody for at least eight weeks which is unusual for norway's criminal justice system. he admits to the bombing and shooting but says he didn't break the law, at least 93 people were killed. meantime, police in the south of france raided the home of his father, a retired norweigian diplomat. reports say that he hasn't spoken to his son in at least 16 years. the hotel maid accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault now going public with her identity and breaking her silence.
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the 32-year-old tells "newsweek" and abc news that she hopes god punishes dominique strauss-khan and he gets sent to jail. she says he wants him to know he can't use his money or power to get away with it regarding questions about her credibility, dialo admits she's made mistakes but shouldn't stop prosecutors from going forward with the case. happy ending in the works for this penguin known as happy feet. the 10-month-old took his first dip in the water since being rescued on a new zealand beach last month. he is going to be heading home, by the way. he was found earlier this morning very sick with sand and sticks in his stomach. it appears he got lost after leaving antarctica. officials at the wellington zoo have been taking special care of him ever since. >> the detail we have on this case is astounding. >> it is indeed. >> it would be different if that was a unique looking penguin. that looks like every penguin that we've seen. >> they saved his life! he ate sticks! >> the jackass penguin from the
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english channel. remember that? still looking for that one. >> just jumped in. >> i guess you don't like penguins. next time they come on the show -- >> i'm looking at the interest at finding them. >> if only we had that interest of our money in this country. potentially that's what brian is getting at here. get this, some of your money now reportedly going to the taliban? well, it's a little confusing but it has to do with a $2.16 billion transportation contract that the united states has to promote afghan businesses and within that, in the fine print somewhere could be that your tax dollars will fund the taliban. >> in particular, a whole bunch of money is going to fund trucking operations across afghanistan to get military supplies different places and it sounds like a lot of the money that we are giving these eight various trucking companies somehow winds up and we have tracked the money. it goes from our coffers directly through big shots in the afghanistan government and winds up in the pockets of the
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insurgents. >> we usually do that in iraq. we did it through private contractors. this time we want to try to build up the local economy by hiring local afghans that have affiliations with the local taliban that pay off the taliban not to attack the american stuff. >> why don't we just pay the taliban directly? >> might as well be. it's our money. it's $2.16 billion has gone into the pockets of the taliban, petraeus put a commission to look into it and then congressman john tierney of massachusetts chairman of the subcommittee on this of discovery, of investigation and oversight, he said this is a mess and he said that over the summer as well and now we're finally getting to the conclusion with a report complete. >> right. and in addition, apparently, to cash in some cases, we wound up the bad guys, the insurgents got guns and explosives as well. there is some good news to it even though we know it's going on. apparently, we're going to revamp the system coming up in about a month and a half so with any luck, things will change. >> all right.
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coming up next on the rundown, the mainstream media quick to paint the norway terror suspect as a right wing operative. is that true or is he just crazy? >> they're from the same party, the same party and they want the same job. can you believe it snt republican rivals, talking about michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty taking the eyes off the president and staying huge shots at each other. k9 advantix ii.
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>> as we told you, anders breivik is about to be arraigned in court. he claims he was on a crusade to stop radical muslims among much
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of his rantings. so why is mainstream media so quick to paint breivik as a right stream extremist. dr. wahlid ferris joins us, is he psycho path or emblematic of a huge christian movement we've been ignoring? >> whatever he's written in his 1,000 pages which i've read mostly at least has nothing to do with his behavior as a psycho path. he could have been a right wing psycho path killer or even fundamentalist. in this case, what he has done is to say here represents the fundamentalist european thinking meaning he wants the europe that exists in the 19th century. he could decide if the nazis, the marxists, the capitalists, the right wing, the left wing. he wants to build an ideology on his own. >> and look at right -- are you surprised somewhat that western newspapers in this case, "the new york times" seem to be jumping on the fact that they're trying to equate christian, what they say are christian extremists with muslim
3:16 am
extremis extremists, the headlines today killing in norway puts anti-muslim threats in the u.s. he claims to have studied the unabomber and plagiarized some of his rantings in his own manifesto. >> look, the fact that he was anti-muslim immigration was also part of the fact that he was anti-any immigration for it's not basically only an anti-muslim, he's an anti-anybody else, xenophobia. on the other hand, he's not against religion. i didn't see much sniping jesus or theological debate. he was talk about the europe that existed before the 20th century. he's not on the right. he's not on the left. just a european fundamentalist. >> and congressman peter king immediately gets a call and they say see what you're doing essentially? see what you're doing by having us look at what forcing muslims to become extremists in the u.s., you're forcing this kind of behavior that happened in norway. are you surprised by that? that here in the u.s., we're
3:17 am
looking to deflect the attention? >> i think the european governments and this is a warning for us here and in canada, in the western general, if we don't engage in a debate, if we don't identify, if things are always gray, what happened is that the mainstream would be going away from the discussion and who takes over guys like this guy? he is the one who is representing now, he thinks the europeans who are anti-immigration or the european who's are anti-fundamentalism by developing his own terrorism so it's not good not to debate. it's good to debate so that the extremists won't have an agenda. >> right. you know what? it's going to be interesting, when everyone first heard about this, they thought right away al-qaida and we find out it's something else and people are quick to say, our emphasis on al-qaida has brought this on ourselves. which is staggering to me. but what do you think? or friends at write us and we could find out and we'll weigh in about a
3:18 am
half-hour. thanks so much. congratulations on the success of your book "the coming revolution." >> thank you. >> straight ahead, our standing in the world economy now at stake if we can't solve this debt sdadisaster. what's taking so long? is it possible that the president wasn't serious about a solution in the first place? our washington insiders are up next. she took a stand to the pledge of allegiance and it could land her behind bars. should this government worker be punished for patriotism? we'll talk about it.
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>> we got some quick monday morning headlines for you. amanda knox facing what could be her best chance for freedom later today.
3:22 am
today, forensic experts are expected to testify d.n.a. evidence that put her behind bars is unreliable. the 24-year-old was convicted in 2009 of killing her british roommate while studying abroad in italy. meanwhile, all eyes on new jersey. governor chris christie in iowa. he's visiting the battleground state to help republican congressman steve king's re-election and to attend an education summit. also in iowa today, republican presidential candidates michelle bachmann, tim pawlenty and ron paul. staying busy. gretch, over to you. >> countdown is on now. eight days left for lawmakers to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. president obama talking about the importance of getting serious about the national deficit but do the president's words match with his leadership? joining me now this morning is our washington insiders katie pavlich, news editor of "town hall" and david mercer, former national deputy director for the
3:23 am
dnp and political strategist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, katie, because up until recently, the president didn't seem to be that involved in the debt situation, your thoughts? >> my thoughts, i think it was clear over the weekend the president is more concerned with his re-election campaign than actually getting a deal done. at this point, we have right on time a short term deal is the only thing going to get us through and i think he needs to understand that august 2nd is not when the debt debate is going to end. we have a huge problem $14.2 trillion in debt. this issue isn't going to go away and it shouldn't go away because we have a deadline. >> i want to take you back in time since 2010. we put together a little bit of a history change here. at that time, the debt commission, as you'll recall, called for $4 trillion in cuts but the president didn't necessarily take that advice. in january 2011, the debt wasn't mentioned until 35 minutes into the state of the union address. so do you really believe that the president would have taken
3:24 am
it upon himself to deal with this crisis right now had the house not become republican? >> of course, gretchen, come on. the debt commission was actually proposed by republicans who then walked away from it. and the president has taken the debt commission under advisement in trying to arrive at $4 trillion in cuts. they've gotten nearly a $2.8 and they're look at about $1.2 in revenue generation. you know, this president is not about pushing forward on gimmicks like we've seen in the house of representatives with the majority of the g.o.p. but he's looking at both revenues and spending in putting our books in order. >> right. well, the thing is, though, let me go back to katie for a moment. i want to show you from february of 2011, the president did propose cutting the deficit by $400 billion but nobody voted for it, not even democrats, completely rejected by congress and in april it was 2011, the cbo chief says of the new plan, we don't estimate just on speeches. so that lends people to ask the
3:25 am
question, is the president serious actually up until the last couple of weeks in cutting the deficit? >> the president is not serious. his budget that was rejected 97-0, it also added $9.5 trillion to the deficit over 10 years and that's why no one voted for it. he hasn't taken any advice from his own bipartisan debt commission on entitlement reform and all the new plans coming out of the senate democrats who still haven't passed a budget for over 800 days don't touch entitlement reform which is really going to solve this problem. the obama administration is really good at creating a crisis and then using that as a way to get political points. >> david? >> the obama administration has proposed and is one of the first leaders to put entitlements on the table along with revenue and spending. secondly, we have to know that the ryan budget where they were opposed to debt ceiling increases, the ryan budget which they voted on, in fact, busted past the target of the debt ceiling that we're seeking to arrive at a consensus on even
3:26 am
today so, you know, the president is very serious and it has to be on the revenue side as well as the spending side as ronald reagan did almost 20, 25 years ago. >> well, at the bottom of the screen, we had big letters who's right? so let's let our viewers decide that one. katie and david, thanks for getting up early for us. >> pleasure to be with you, gretchen. >> bye-bye. >> the survival skills course gets way too real when a giant grizzly attacks a group of teenagers. how one of those kids used his foot to save lives and the gloves are off in the republican primary. michelle bachmann called tim pawlenty an obama wannabe. that's just the beginning. what happened to minnesota nice? they're both from that state. happy birthday to matt leblanc. he turns 44 today. [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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so i want to major in biology. miss gopie is the best teacher i ever had. she's amang, i love her. [ de ] i'm teaching jasmine ap biology. i knew she had the talent... i always pushed her. [ jasmine ] her class you literally have to think, le it takes so long to do her homework. [ jade ] she's gained the confidence that she can achieve anything. [ jasmine ] i'm going to be aediatrician... and i'm going to make this dream come true. a 100 percent. ♪ >> all right. welcome back, everybody. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. 2 1/2 hours left and then we can go. >> it's miller time! >> absolutely. while gretchen was away this week, our own chief meteorologist rick reichmuth met someone who wants to fill in for
3:31 am
her next time she has a vacation day. >> we've got luisa garcia here from st. louis, missouri. whose job do you say you want? >> gretchen's. >> normally i don't bleem i'm going to tell you but you have to be able to handle the pressure if you're going to be gretchen carlson. >> last year we went on a field trip and i was the news lady and i just kind of fell in love with it. >> there you go. you handled that pressure very well. gretchen, watch it! >> oh, well, rick, thanks very much for saying that the job is just not a walk in the park. >> so gretchen, essentially we're saying she's about 13, 12. >> she's very cute, by the way. >> right. you'll have this job for at least 13 more years. that's about the time she's ready. you'll have a few years. >> it will be interesting, maybe she could sit in the middle the next time. >> i would not -- i would not be surprised. >> look her up. she's from missouri, right? i hope she's watching this morning. hi, luisa. >> indeed. >> maybe rick reichmuth demanding the security of the rope separating him from the people. just gather around just to see
3:32 am
him and smell him. >> the tape. meanwhile, we have some headlines for you on this monday morning. teenagers participating in an outdoor skills course in alaska faced a real life lesson in survival. a grizzly protecting her cubs. the bear attacked two of the boys in critical condition at this hour but might not have made it if it weren't for another kid with a good kick. >> fighting the bear off and kicking him and -- but another boy came up and started kicking the bear, you know, to help him fight the bear off and the bear then went away. >> that's lucky. the teenagers aged 16 and 18 were alone on the trip with no instructor. after the attack, they administered first aid to each other and used a locator beacon to try to get help. >> wow. >> just 24 hours before amy winehouse was found dead, her doctor gave her the all clear, apparently. according to british news reports, her doctor checked on her regularly because of years of substance abuse.
3:33 am
new details emerging about the final week of her life. friends say she spent it in an alcoholic drug enhanced fog. she was spotted buying cocaine, ecstasy and heroin and an autopsy will be done today. amy winehouse was just 27 years old. >> all right. oregon congressman david wu reportedly refusing to resign but vowing not to run for re-election last year. he's accused of forcing himself on a young woman. he says it was consensual but nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics panel investigation. he made headlines earlier this when a photo emerged of him in a tiger costume. seven of his members resigned because of his behavior. >> for 25 years, his family thought that he was dead but an illinois man has turned up alive working as a booky in vegas. 72-year-old arthur jones was charged with identity theft after he was busted with a fake social security number and license. the husband and father of three was likely running from his
3:34 am
past. a past that included gambling debts and links even to the mob. >> meanwhile, let's take a look. we've had some extreme weather over the last couple of days right here. today should mark the 24th straight day of temperatures down in the dallas/ft. worth metroplex at 100 degrees or better. oh, man. look at that. 123 in the sun. meanwhile, as you can see right here, 7 inches of rain fell in the chicago land area and you can see some of the flash flooding aalong some of the low lying areas. that's not a lake. that's a neighborhood. as the rain came a tumbling down and didn't have any place to go for a little while. meanwhile, let's take a look at the current reapingdings coast coast. it's already warming up. down in dallas, it's 86 degrees and hang on, folks. we're hanging past 100 but then again it's summer. we have 70's across much of the mid atlantic back through the central plain states. some 80's already in portions of the great state of florida and
3:35 am
it looks like it's going to be another hot one today throughout much of the region. and temperatures for the most part in the 80's and 90's. all right, meanwhile, let's take a quick look at the sports with brian kilmeade. >> for nfl fans, it must feel like fourth and goal at the 1-yard line because i believe this thing is done. the 4-month-old lockout over virtually with players set to vote on the owner's proposal today. the players executive committee will meet and ratify the deal, we think and that means the free agent bonanza will begin and football will start as early as wednesday finally. and jay cutler calls an audible. you know he's the bears quarterback. he called an audible on his own wedding and he was supposed to marry a famous person and yet he still called it off and she is the former "hills" star kristin cavilari. you say she's really hot, right? next spring, this is supposed to take place but cutler proposed
3:36 am
back in april and he has cold feet. cavallari bought a dress, that's the woman and posted on the registry and even had an engagement party. that's got to be tough. when you find a quarterback of your dreams and all of a sudden, it turns out he wants no part of you. >> if they're want goinot going it, better to not going to the altar. >> if your feet are getting cold, just break up. that's the message i'm getting from gretchen. >> ok. we have a high divorce rate in this country. if he has cold feet, he did the right thing. >> coming up a little later, lisa will be there, an iranian insider who was born there, came here. andrea tantaros is an american insider. and bret baier will be joining me live in the morning. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what's going on a couple of politicians from the great state of minnesota, tim pawlenty and michelle bachmann, the gloves have come off. over the -- >> this one, gretchen leaves and all of a sudden, it's ok for them to have it.
3:37 am
>> it started before i left but it's just heating up. >> first of all, she accused pawlenty very recently of supporting some policies that her tea party base really are not happy about it. the individual mandate. cap and trade. and she blamed him for praising bailouts and then he's -- he responded and then she volleyed back. >> the whole thing really started, i believe, when pawlenty said she had no accomplishments. congressman bachmann has her facts wrong. the truth is there's very little difference between governor pawlenty and congresswoman bachmann on their issue positions. when governor pawlenty was scoring political victories to support spending, transfer the supreme court from liberal to conservative and was elected twice in a very blue state, congresswoman bachmann was giving speeches and offering failed amendments all while struggling mightily to hold on to the most republican seat in the state. >> bachmann fired back with this. this is very little difference between governor pawlenty's past
3:38 am
positions and barack obama's positions on several critical issues facing americans. >> zing! >> it's interesting because, you know, you would think that they might be a little friendly because they're both from the same state and i think they've supported each other when they were actually running for office in their home state of minnesota. it's interesting in the fact they're going against each other because you think they'd be going against the president. but let's face it. michelle bachmann has been surging in every single poll and tim pawlenty has to do well in iowa or his candidacy might be over before it begins. >> she's almost ready to win in iowa. she's getting close to romney there so he has no choice. either take the gloves off with her or call it quits. remember the number three person, i believe in iowa last time was brownback. senator brownback came in third in iowa and he had to drop out. so if tim pawlenty comes in third, more than likely he doesn't move on to new hampshire. >> that's right. meanwhile, speaking of people who want to move on to new hampshire, congressman thadeus
3:39 am
thad mccotter is going to be joining us in about half-hour from now and we'll talk to him about all things presidential. >> meantime, here's an interesting story taking place down in texas. we're talking about -- now, is it bully, texas. >> so there was a county clerk there who was just elected from the first time. her name is nichols. what's her first name? >> natalie. >> thanks for filling in all the blanks, steve. apparently, she is very much in favor of keeping the pledge of allegiance alive and well in the courtroom but when she was away at one point in time, it was taken away because apparently a judge said hey, he didn't want the aclu coming out against the county and suing them so it would just be easier if we took it out now. >> yeah, and so then she came back and she said hey, where did it go? in the minutes of the meeting where she's responsible for, it doesn't show that they had the pledge and the prayer. and then this same judge, judge
3:40 am
sterling lacy apparently thought she was interrupting a meeting and, in fact, there is some suggestion he might try to charge her with disrupting a public meeting which is a class b misdemeanor in texas, she could wind up with six months in jail, a hefty fine and could be immediately thrown out of her job simply for sticking up and saying hey, you guys can't take out of the official meeting -- minutes, something that actually happened. >> use your natalie voice, gretchen. >> ok. here is her quote. are we now afraid to be patriotic in america? well, i'm not. i will not sit down while people drag our country into a direction that makes me not even recognize it. anymore. you know what? we have great bookers. she's going to be on our show coming up at 7:50 a.m. eastern standard time and join us from dallas and you can figure out first hand what happened. >> timothy and jodi are two people that aren't as concerned about the pledge of allegiance although they would be for this
3:41 am
issue, you would think, they're up to their ears fighting to keep a sign on their lawn that commemorates their son's service in afghanistan and i'm talking about their son, marine corps -- lance corporal cory burr and they have a phrase on that sign that says our son defends our freedom and now all of a sudden, guess what? we've looked at this so often. the community organization that runs the subdivision that they're in, the home owners association is suing to get that sign off. >> they are and what the burr family says is look, they have all sorts of sports teams posters and school spirit things on lawns, isn't that the same thing? you know, you're going to say that you can have something for the tigers on somebody's lawn but can't have this? what's up with that? it's a crazy deal. so what do you think? e-mail us or tweet us and let us know what you think about that story. mail may be scaled back now to three days a week. not to save you money but to save government pensions. a look at both sides of this heated issue. that's coming up next.
3:42 am
>> then -- can you hold your breath? underwater for two whole minutes? get thrown upside down and never lose your cool. the special forces trainers who make the cut are here live. stay with us. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprid how quickly my symoms have beemanaged. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervo system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis
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3:45 am
>> folks the mailman is looking at some big money troubles. u.s. postal service is expected to lose $8.3 billion this year alone. it has to pay $5 1/2 billion each year in retiree pensions and they've already laid off 100,000 workers but that's not enough. so what is the solution in perhaps to cut mail service to three days a week or cut postal pensions. for a fair and balanced debate right now, we are joined by labor attorney joseph colotti
3:46 am
and money manager and chairman of the national eagles and angels association, george jarasy. did i do that right? >> jarkasy. >> yeah. thank you very much, george, for joining us live. george, you say that the postal service should be privatized and we wouldn't have this problem. >> i think when you're doing a debate, what you have to do is first look at the lives of people. there's 560,000 jobs at the post office. they're the second largest private sector employer in the country so as we have this debate, we got to think about those people there. >> absolutely. but joe, you say that to limit the post office would be dangerous to our constitution? >> it is. this idea of regulating the post office to three days a week is an absurd notion. the creation of the post office is rooted in article 1, section 8 of the united states constitution which has been interpreted to mean there shall be only one post office which means no one else can deliver
3:47 am
mail. in essence, a de facto monopoly so the question really is not whether it should be limited to three days a week but rather why has the post office delegated its duties to private companies such as fed ex, such as u.p.s., very few fortune 500 companies relinquish market share or create competitors when they don't have to. this can be a viable entity. >> right now, we have fed ex and u.p.s., they all deliver the mail. that ship has already sailed. what we're facing right now is a decision, do we want to continue with service five days a week or do we need to do something about those retiree benefits like pensions and health care? >> well, i think what you've got to look at is you've got a monopoly already that doesn't pay taxes, that's expected to lose $240 billion over the next 10 years. and that's a serious problem that's got to be addressed. >> it does. joe?
3:48 am
>> this is an entity that is almost the largest employer in the united states. almost 600,000 individuals with a built-in client base of tens of millions of people with really that they have to use it. we need to appoint a trustee, we need to get the smartest business minds in america. this is a broken corporation, it can be fixed. it can be viable. putting tens of thousands of postal workers on the street is not the answer. let's call it stimulus. let's keep them employed and give them paychecks. have those paychecks go back into our economy. keep the system going around and around. it is a viable entity that can be fixed. >> well, it is -- >> i agree. >> it is a -- it takes up a lot of dough, doesn't it, george? >> yeah, it does. and i agree with what joe is saying. but what i think you got to do is hold it up long enough to privatize it. this organization needs to be run like a business. and being strung out by our government, by congress on
3:49 am
decisions has -- has hurt this organization. this organization needs to be run by people that want to make money with it, not just get by. >> all right. george jakarsey, thank you so much for joining us from houston and joseph colaata, what do you think there in tv land? privatize or just fine the way it is? might go down to three days a week. friends at what will it take to get americans to eat healthier? how about a $0.50 tax on your jelly doughnut? will that just tax us to death instead? and then cameras go where no camera has gone before. up next, inside the world of special ops training and a program where 75% of all students fail!
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> they're the most intense
3:53 am
training programs in the world. >> now the discovery channel is giving unprecedented access to the special ops training program in the show called "surviving the cut 2." >> that's it! it's a leg injury, isn't it? that's what's preventing you from even kicking. because your leg hurts so bad. >> or get out! >> joining us now, instructors technical sergeants alvin hansen and the staff sergeant, they're here live with us. you guys are tough, huh? you're yelling at those guys. that's what it takes, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> so this is the first time -- this is actually the second season but the first time we're getting an in-depth look at what it takes to become a member of special ops. part is having to hold your breath for what is it? two minutes? >> no, not two minutes. >> it's a little easier than we thought. >> what goes on underneath is the key, right? you're getting punched, you're
3:54 am
getting kicked. you're getting spun around, correct? >> yeah, we're trying to teach them to be able to focus under stress and be able to do their safety checks as needed. >> you brought us into the process and the stats say 75% of the people that try for special forces in navy seals training will fail out, right? >> yes, sir. >> why? >> it's a mental and physical, you know, training that we have to do. when they get to us, they're already physically trained and able to do the -- what's needed of them. here in the clips that you see, the guys underwater are having a hard time with procedures is what it is. not so much the physical part but actual mental part of doing the procedures that we trained them to do. >> sergeant, i remember doing an interview once about special ops and someone said what really eliminates a lot of people is injury. is that true? >> for us, we've already had our students come to us and they're already preselected so when it comes to us, a lot of times the guys that get set back
3:55 am
are just injuries not because they're unable to train or do the task, it will be just muscle injuries or something else. >> so technical sergeant, i have to ask you, when you hear about the navy seal takedown of bin laden, what does that do to what you do on a daily basis and a program in the second season? >> we still see the same amount of people that come through. the air force, we have our special forces and we are attached to those types of teams. so the guys that we are training up will be out in the field and doing those things. >> but the way the public perceives you is really extraordinary. they're coming out with toys and all kinds of action figures because of that. do you sense that? >> sort of, i guess. we're just -- we stay pretty much down for the dive school and that's what we see. >> what about concerns about showing how you train our special ops? i mean, the most powerful, most effective force in the world. any concerns about showing secrets?
3:56 am
>> not that we have or on the show that we have here, the diving, i don't see any -- we're not -- we don't disclose anything secret or anything. >> what question should we ask ourselves? there's a lot of people on the crew claim to be navy seals at some point but decided they wanted to do this. what should we ask ourselves to say, sergeant, if we could do it. what are the qualities we need to see if we have what it takes to be a member of special forces? >> i think that's the question that everybody asks themselves is what it takes to be able to do it and i think the very first step is going to be saying that i will go and do it. and then put yourself to the test. >> put yourself up. >> i was thinking that. >> that was a very subtle question, brian said he wants to come on your show. if it's ok. i'd like to see it. but anyway, good luck on the second season. it's mondays at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on discovery. great to see you both. >> great to see you. >> meanwhile -- thanks for your service. jeb bush tried -- was tired of everyone blaming his brother.
3:57 am
>> the guy has been there for three years. and it's time to accept responsibility. >> the white house doesn't care what he has to say. they just did it again! every day, all around the world, energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies,
3:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, july 25th. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for sharing your time today. i'm gretchen carlson. they're sitting at the same table but couldn't be farther apart. democrats and republicans decide to go it alone to try to fix the debt now. will we eventually find common ground or is it too late? >> meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush sticking up for his brother. >> the guy has been there for three years. and it's time to accept responsibility. >> but despite being called out, the white house just blamed his brother again. so is this really effective? dana perino live in two minutes to talk about that. >> that's an orange tuxedo, this groom gets punched out. and put in a prison jump suit on his own wedding day.
4:01 am
>> oh! >> usually after the wedding you're in the ball and chain. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> brian -- >> i knew i heard something -- >> exactly. >> she's not up yet hopefully. >> really? i think she watches the show. >> what? >> you never know. i've taken cable out months ago. we're back to the fuzzy antenna. >> ok, i knew i missed something when i was away for a week. let's kick off your monday morning with some headlines now because you're looking live outside the courthouse in oslo, norway, where terror suspect is about to be arraigned today, that's anders breivik. look at that crowd. crowds have been gathering at memorials ahead of that appearance. breivik facing charges of killing 93 people in the bombing and shooting spree a couple days ago. this is new amateur video now
4:02 am
from the bombing. the hearing will be closed for security reasons even though breivik wanted it open. tell or rant about his motives behind the massacre. prosecutors want him to remain in custody for at least eight weeks which is unusual for norway's criminal justice system. breivik admitted to the attacks but said he did not break the law. meanwhile, they have raided the home of breivik's father, a retired norweigian diplomat. reports say that he hasn't spoken to his son in at least 16 years. dramatic video from the dallas area this morning. one of the engines on this american airlines jet heading to brazil caught fire after taking off from dallas/ft. worth international airport. you can see the pilot dumping a bunch of fuel trying to lighten the load for an emergency landing. still, tires busted on landing because of all the excess weight on the plane. no one was hurt. some local residents report smelling gas in the air. no word of what caused the fire. hotel maid accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault
4:03 am
going public with her identity and breaking the silence. the 32-year-old tells "newsweek" and abc news she hopes god punishes dominique strauss-khan and gets sent to jail. she says she wants him to know he can't use his money or power to avoid consequences. regarding questions about her credibility, she admits she made some mistakes but says that shouldn't stop prosecutors from going forward with the case. the uss new york no longer be shut out of the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the hull of the ship is built from 7 1/2 tons of steel from the world trade center. the ship's command master says now they are very happy to be included. >> wow. about time. >> those are your headlines. we did our show live over on that ship when it was not inaugurated but what's the correct word? >> fleet week and i saw the freedom tower for the first time lit up and probably been lit up before but as you pulled into the midtown tunnel, you can see
4:04 am
it on the left all lit up. they're building stuff. >> it is. joining us right now as she does every monday morning, dana perino. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> doing ok. lot going on in washington, d.c. of course, the talks fell apart. the president came out and scolded the republicans. and then it was very interesting over the weekend, dana, because the white house was talking about how, you know, they've got to do something quickly and then the democrats were talking about well, we better do something -- somebody better come up with a plan before the asian markets opened because then everything is going to fall apart. do you think that, you know, somebody or -- has kind of ginned up a deadline to create the sense of a crisis down there? >> when it comes to the asian market piece, yes, i do and i think that came from the white house and maybe they had reason to be nervous about the asian markets. turns out that apparently things are relatively calm. that's new this morning in the asian markets but when i saw that, it did make me think.
4:05 am
a deadline helps focus the mind but if it was a false deadline, then it probably even makes things worse for the negotiators because they just, i think, feel like they are, as speaker boehner said, trying to deal with jell-o and it just moved all over the place and there's nothing very solid. i think they're getting closer to finding something now that they've cleared out some of the underbrush, they can get to a deal. >> the thing is that remember, geithner, the treasury secretary, he moved the deadline from april. so in the minds of millions of americans and maybe even some of the politicians on capitol hill, the question remains, is it really a hard and fast deadline for august 2nd? and i think that's why it becomes very jell-oey and c convoluted? >> agree. it depends on how much money we have into the treasury. august 2nd wasn't the hard and fast deadline. it's just the next one they thought they would have to do
4:06 am
something with. treasury has a lot of rules at their disposal to make sure they don't hit that default. remember in washington, it's so very important to get your vacations in and the president is going to martha's vineyard and by goodness, he's going to need to go there, you know, the second week in august. >> one thing that's great that he cancels some of his campaign stops. i thought that would be totally inappropriate as you're focusing on the economy. >> and his golf game is suffering now. >> he hasn't golfed in a couple of weeks or three weeks. harry reid came out with a plan that will get them past the election and john boehner's plan will be two phases. the beginning will not get them past the election and the president wants no part of that. either does his chief of staff. this brings out he got here. were we actually close to a deal? and did the gang of six deep six the possibility of speaker boehner and president obama cutting a deal when it comes to tax revenue and maybe moving the goal post $400 billion. what do your sources say? >> it's an emphatic yes. that the gang of six caused more
4:07 am
problems than it was solving. that was because it gave the white house and president obama more of an indication that if there was a larger appetite on capitol hill on the republican side to increase revenues. that was something that speaker boehner was not going to be able to deliver on anyway regardless and so it did cause a little bit of a ruckus for 48 hours. now, 48 hours matters in a negotiation like this. >> yeah, dana, i'm surprised that the republicans have gone along for so long with the idea of let's go ahead and come up with an amount to get this past the presidential election. i don't get -- i get politically why the president wants it but why not refocus during an election year what's going on in washington? >> two things to that. i think one, that the principle that the republicans have been trying to hold to is that you need to cut spending by more than you hike the ceiling. that's the cut, cap and balance basic principle. and i think most polls actually show that while people do want a
4:08 am
deal, they want washington to get this behind them, they do want spending cut more than they allow the deadline to increase. >> let's take a look at the former governor of florida, jeb bush, who did an interview a couple of days ago and he said that it's time to stop blaming his brother, the former president bush, for what's going on in the economy. listen to this. >> the guy has been there for three years and it's time to accept responsibility. he was dealt a very difficult hand, no one can deny that. the fact is he's been there long enough for his economic policies to work. >> you had timothy geithner over the week understand not listend that. >> they don't. for some reason, the democrats in the obama administration truly believe they got elected because they tried to soil the reputation of george w. bush and they keep on trying to do it. now, when it comes to this debt ceiling issue, i think it's been raised 44 times in the past 30 years. you have every possible
4:09 am
combination of congress. and the president being either republicans or democrats, democrats, republicans. all three branches being held by one party. being mixed. and everyone has always increased the debt ceiling. the problem for this current government is they have increased spending by so much, $2.4 trillion that in some ways, i heard a good line over the weekend, what they're asking for is america to write them a blank check to get them through the next election so that they can finance the spending that did not work to create jobs in the first three years and still, they want to blame president bush. and i think it's great when jeb bush comes out and just adds a little dignity to the process. i think that it helps and i wish everybody would pay attention to that and i think geithner and others, a little bit of humble pie and they might get closer to getting a deal. >> while, you know, and you're right, he was dealt a bad hand, the president was when he came into office. but as peggy noonan has written
4:10 am
in "the wall street journal" and also mitt romney has said on the campaign trail, he made it worse. the choices that this president made to try to fix things, he made it worse. >> right and that's the thing that i think is leading more and more people away from trusting democrats when it comes to the economy and, in fact, i think that we have a poll to show, rasmussen poll over the weekend on trust when it comes on what would do better with the economy, republicans or democrats and the republicans are up. now, these numbers are volatile. they go up and back and forth all the time. who knows what they'll show next week but i think that people are starting to put two and two together that our economy is suffering because of the policies of the last two years. >> all right, dana, we can, of course, catch you on the five right here on the fox newschannel, 5:00 p.m. eastern time. >> coming back to new york in a couple of hours. >> need time to prepare. thank you very much. see you soon. >> bye-bye. >> can the government tax
4:11 am
americans into eating healthier like a $0.50 tax on your jelly doughnut? is the food killing us or just the taxes? >> good marriage is built on trust and this groom learned that the hard way. what got him punched out and put in prison on his own wedding day? that's a beautiful tux. i like the color. [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪ call 1-800-steemer is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat.
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the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake or sn crab and crab butter shrimp. [ jon i wouldn'tut it my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea fd differently. >> top democrats met again last night at the white house but still no deal, folks. and speaker john boehners says it's their fault. >> the house has done its work, we passed a budget, we passed a plan. >> i know, but they've been defeated. >> and not one time in this
4:15 am
whole process has senate democrats or the white house passed a budget, put a budget out there or even put a plan out there. the conversations i was having with the president in case the senate didn't pass cut, cap and balance, there was never any plan from the white house, the whole plan came from us. we laid out the framework. and at some point they've got to lay their cards on the table. >> well, today, both the house and the senate will reveal plans of their own. can they find common ground? joining us, michigan congressman and republican presidential candidate thaddeus mccotter. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> mr. boehner made the case we haven't heard anything from the democrats and the president hasn't laid out a plan. senator reid has, laying out the plan. no entitlement reforms and no tax hikes. >> what senator reid is trying to do is a stop gap. we have to remember as john boehner has pointed out before,
4:16 am
the democrats put us in this position over the last two years. he went on a historic spending bender. they'd like to continue that. republicans oppose that. we know that underlying the debt ceiling crisis is the real effect on the economy. we understand people want to get back to work. and what the democrats don't seem to understand is that the failed policies of the past that have not only put us here put keep us here in a period of stagnation unless we hold the line on taxes and hold the line of starting restructuring of government that cut, cap and balance would have done. >> a lot of people are saying that the republicans have to remain united on this whole tax front in order to, what, get their way? how do you see it playing out? >> i think it's the way for the american people, gretchen. 30 million can't find better jobs and are stuck. we have rising inflation. you have declining wages. we are standing firm because we understand that taking money from the most productive sector of the economy, the private sector and sticking it in the hands of the least productive is
4:17 am
not only going to keep us going in terms of fiscal explosion but hurt the opportunity of people to get back to work, for the american people to grow and shape this economy. >> what are you being told about what you're going to vote on and when? >> john is talking about putting out a plan, speaker boehner is talking about putting it out sometime today on the principles of cut, cap and balance and i think as long as we stay within those principles, he can come up with a plan that, again, will attract bipartisan support. one of the things that is in the posturing of the president and the posturing of the senate that has missed is we put out a bill from the house and it had bipartisan support. >> and the thinking is you would vote on on it on wednesday. >> that would be up to eric, the majority leader. you see how earnest the team is, we understand there's a deadline although this could -- they may try to move the goal posts on armageddon again. we're not assuming that. >> because they did in april. let's talk about the 2012 election. you are a candidate on the republican side for president. you're on your way to iowa after
4:18 am
a quick stop. it seems that governor perry might get in the race. does that affect you in any way? >> i see my job as getting the name out and governor perry would bring a unique perspective coming from texas and i think that would be helpful to generate interest in it. it doesn't affect my overall responsibility which is a very hard road, granted. i also think by taking that hard road, it makes you a harder opponent for the president when we get there. >> we've got a poll that shows where people are feeling about this 2012 preference among republican primary voters. you can see romney out front and you're in there somewhere, probably at numbers smaller than palin. >> i would absolutely expect to be smaller than governor palin who is also still not ruled out coming into the race and generate a lot of interest. in the final analysis, you have a very volatile electorate and very chaotic time for the country. the more voices that get into
4:19 am
this the better. i have no doubt whoever the nominee is, be it me or someone else, we'll unite behind that candidate to get this country moving again. >> all right, congressman, we're so glad you could join us on the curvy couch in person. great to see you. have a good time in new york and on your way to iowa. >> it's curvy and comfy. >> thank you for the endorsement. >> she took a stand for the pledge of allegiance. why is she facing six months in the slammer? you'll find out live coming up. >> he lost an arm and a leg to a shark! but that's not getting our next guest down. this survivor here to tell us how he's beating the odds. unbelievable story coming up next. ooo whatcha got there?
4:20 am
4:21 am
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4:23 am
>> time for news by the numbers on this monday. first, zero. that's how many concessions the head of the united auto workers union says they will be making in upcoming labor negotiations with g.m., ford and chrysler. zip. next, 40. a woman in guatemala finds a 40 foot sink hole right under her bed! she discovered it after hearing a loud boom that woke her up. oh, what's that? finally $65.8 million in ticket sales. the new "captain america" movie beat "harry potter" movie taking the top spot this weekend at the movie box office. mr. kilmeade over to you. >> improvise, adapt and overcome. that's the mantra of the united states marine corps and the
4:24 am
australian army and when an aussie soldier was attacked by a shark in sydney harbor, those words meant more than anything. despite losing his arm and leg in the vicious attack, he wasn't slowed down one bit. not only did he survive, he's thriving today. he tells this incredible story in the new book "no time for fear." welcome. >> thanks for having me, mate. >> you have very few fears in life. one was being attacked by a shark. what happened to you? >> i got attacked by a shark, my worst fear. >> you said no time for fear. when you see that shark come up to you -- is this your special forces train sng>> yeah. >> so you're going through this training. never happened before and then you see, your first sense that something's got you. >> i was swimming on the surface and i was actually working in the other direction. i felt a big whack in the leg, i looked down because it didn't bother me that much and look straight in the eyes of a big shark. >> bull shark. you tried to swing around and punch him. he had you in a way that was
4:25 am
almost impossible to wind up. >> yes, i had my right hand in his mouth as well as my hamstring. i couldn't do anything with my right hand and tried to get him with my left hand so i cocked back and hit him in the head and i think that upset him and he took me under water and shook me all around. >> for some reason, you said you didn't know -- he let you go. you get your pound of flesh. he left so you go to the boat. >> yes. >> you look over to the left as you go to swim freestyle. what did you discover? >> i went to swim away once i popped to the surface and looked up and my hand was gone so one hand, one leg swimming to the safety boat while the boat is coming towards me as well thinking that was it. i'm gonna die. and eventually i got to the boat and they got to me and pulled me out of the water and i was safe. >> you were saved and people would tell your story and can't believe how you battled back and you wanted the doctor to save your leg but he didn't but you've not been slowed down at all. your life has been fascinating. when you were little, you had a
4:26 am
huge hole in your head. could see right through. you had your nose bitten off by a dog. >> i'm going to stay away from animals. >> but your message is interesting and heartening and somewhat inspiring. tell me about your message. it's the name of your book. >> so basically, no matter where you come from and the obstacles you face in life, if you put the hard yards in yourself and try to follow your dreams, eventually you can get there. it's all up to you. no one can do it for you. if you want to do the hard work, you can get where you want to be. >> and not let obstacles get in your way. still doing things like what today? >> still doing everything that i did before. surfing, diving, instructor. nothing is really holding me back. >> paul, your story is fantastic. your life has been fascinating and it's not close to over yet. you wouldn't allow that. paul, thanks so much. get your book on where is it, >> thanks and great job.
4:27 am
nice meeting you. this is not an orange tuxedo. this groom gets punched out and put in a prison jump suit on his own wedding day. find out the details and tired of being taxed, too bad. see that jelly doughnut? soon, could cost you more to make you eat better. because we're too fat as a country. and what's for breakfast? spam again, mom? stick around for the blue ribbon winners from this year's spam contest. paul, you can have as much as you want.
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4:31 am
>> if you missed friday's show, you missed a great summer concert by spearhead and if you missed the after the show, show, you missed some, well, questionable dancing by steve doocy? >> oh, boy. >> michael, have you thought about teaming up with stephanie from famous dave's? >> of course. i want to get over there and i want some of that corn. i was seeing that corn on the cob over there. >> i do zumba. >> you do zumba? >> yeah. >> well -- >> wait. that's -- >> wow, certainly not -- >> attempting to be musical.
4:32 am
>> come on. >> ♪ with the fur >> yeah, that was for randy jackson. we've got a much better clip of me singing "stormy weather" to simon cowell. that was an absolute catastrophe. it was horrible. it was admirable in its own way. i can't wait for this friday. >> i know. it was really cool, though, because in that little excerpt we ran with stephanie from famous dave's, at one point he called some people up from the audience to dance with him. and it was fantastic. he had 20 people up there and she could really dance. >> and michael was put on a show which i couldn't believe, it was 105 degrees. he was soaked. and he just kept going. it was -- >> for the entire hour and a half. >> i heard it was a fantastic performance and now we saw it. so it was. let's do a couple of headlines for us. >> now 28 minutes before the top of the hour. teenagers participating in an outdoor skills course in alaska faced with a real life lesson in survival. a grizzly bear protecting her
4:33 am
cub. the bear attacked two of the boys and they're in critical condition right now but might not have made it at all if it weren't for another kid with a huge kick. >> was kicking him but another boy came up and started kicking the bear, you know, to help sam fight the bear off and the bear then went away. >> the teens, ages 16 to 18, were alone on the trip with no instructor. after the attack, they administered first aid to each other and used a locator beacon to get help. >> he opened fire at his 11-year-old son's birthday party at a roller rink in texas killing his estranged wife and four of her relatives. then he turned the gun on himself. now, court records show he had a violent past. we're learning the 35-year-old's wife previously had a protective order against him accusing him of physical abuse and threats. she sought a divorce but
4:34 am
withdrew the filing earlier. >> her doctor gave her the all clear, according to british news reports today, her doctor checked on her regularly because of her years of substance abuse and new details emerging about the final week of her life. friends say winehouse spent it in an alcoholic drug enhanced haze. she was spotted buying cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. an autopsy later today. amy winehouse just 27 years old. >> talk about a wedding gone wild in des moines, iowa, an allegedly intoxicated man wasn't having it when his new bride was dancing a little too close to a fellow groomsman. that prompted a powerful push knocking the friend over along with the ceramic column that hit an off-duty cop. that's when things got ugly. police reports say the 31-year-old was later arrested after he punched another officer who was called in to subdue the unruly newlywed. that's one way to spend your wedding night. >> yeah.
4:35 am
that's rough. >> meanwhile, let's take a look on this monday, it is wet across portions of the great lake states down through the ohio and tennessee valley. they'll take it. some widely scattered showers in portions of oklahoma and moving through the ozarks at this hour. a little rain this morning in portions of arizona. meanwhile, the current temperatures, not too bad. we got 50's in portions of the new england states and you got 60's and 70's across much of the land. down south, already warming up, though. 85 today right now in dallas. they will have their 24th day of temperatures above 100. so hang on and how hot will it go? 106 in dallas. we'll have 102 in san antonio, mid plain states, temperatures in the mid 90's. same thing out in the front range of the rockies. 93 today in denver. provo, utah, 96. it will be 103 in phoenix. meanwhile, east of the mississippi, 94 today in raleigh-durham and they will have considerable humidity as
4:36 am
well in portions of georgia. atlanta should top out at 86. about the same temperature for cleveland. the chilliest spot on this map is seattle. followed closely by caribou, maine. that's a quick look at your fox travelcast for what will be another warm day, a warm monday in the summer. >> all right, let's talk a little bit about eating and eating healthy or not eating so healthy. maybe in moderation. well, now, there's new debate about whether or not we should tax some of these foods that are deemed not so healthy. like sugary drinks, jelly doughnuts, chips, that kind of stuff. i guess the premise here being that we would maybe try to curb the obesity problem that we have here in the united states, at the same time raise some revenues potentially to decrease the debt. >> yeah. >> well, i have a few things to say about that. this is a crazy idea because you can't fine people for eating bad. there's a whole industry of eating bad that makes money off people eating bad. for example, angioplasty.
4:37 am
if everybody ate good, those people who specialized in angioplasty wouldn't be able to open up arteries for a living and they'll have to do something else, maybe get into manufacturing. >> i hadn't thought of that example. >> good one. mark bitman writes in "the new york times" today that, perhaps, they should essentially place a tax on the bad foods like gretchen said because the idea is taxes would reduce consumption. but i'll tell you what, i was at a -- we made the trip down to washington, d.c. and back over the weekend. we stopped at a number of fast food places. they've got a lot of healthy choices. and that's the key. choice. let us decide. don't tax us. >> speaking about you deciding, let's talk to the people. hi, stranger, where are from? >> richmond, virginia. >> i want to sku a question, do you eat good? >> mostly. >> don't skirt the question. name something you eat that's bad for you? >> donuts. >> you eat donuts. they're now going to cost you $9. will it alter your behavior? do you think it's just? >> it's not just and it won't alter my behavior, not right
4:38 am
aanyway. >> you have no body fat. what's your name? >> sandy. >> again, look at how -- you're in great shape, sandy. >> thank you. >> what do you eat that's bad for you? >> i eat tootsie rolls. >> $13 a tootsie roll, will it help our country become healthier? >> no. >> you think it's a big mistake? >> yeah, i don't think it's the answer. >> finally, sir, you're a chef. >> yes, sir. >> how do you feel about people eating poorly and fining them extra for doing so? >> it keeps them healthy. >> then do it? >> i'm not saying don't do it. >> that's your doing, right? >> yes, it is. i got to go now. there's some woman with spam that wants to talk to me. nice talking to you, everybody. what a beautiful bunch of generic fans across this country and fans of "fox & friends." how's it going? >> it's going great, brian. >> i'm going to give you a proper introduction. it's a part of american culture, i'm talking about spam.
4:39 am
>> all right. lettuce and tomato. >> yes, the nostalgic lunch meat celebrates its 74th birthday this month and today, we have some spamtastic award-winning recipes coming your way. meat in a can. nicole baney is the spam brand manager at hormel. what can we do with spam that people don't know? >> i'm so excited to show all the great recipes that we have with spam. these are award-winning recipes that we have from our blue ribbon championship. >> that means you can retire with all the prize money. for example, spam breakfast pizza. >> let's go ahead and get started. what we have here, this is our 2011 state fair champion winner from san diego and it was from a kids chef and what she did is takes an egg bake mixture and puts it on top of a crust here and then tops it with some grated cheese and vegetables. we have some tomatoes, onions and black olives here.
4:40 am
and so we pat on top of here and make it look prettier than this and then we use spam. here, this is our spam classic variety. do you want to go ahead and do that? now, we also have light, less sodium, hickory, turkey and hot and spicy. >> let's see that. the pizza is done. >> that's our pizza and this is how beautiful it looks when it's done. >> wow, look at that. >> spam breakfast pizza, great for any brunch. let's move on to lunch and last year's recipe contest centered on macaroni & cheese so this is our reigning state fair champion winner from linda in montana. what linda did is she took her classic spam, that's what she calls it in the homemade macaroni & cheese and she added some spam to it. she used spam classic that was diced up. she took this mixture and mixes it all together and put it on top of a crescent roll. >> now, does another ingredient pay the price for spam's
4:41 am
placement in this macaroni salad or in addition to? >> spam is an ingredient here but the flavor still comes through. it's a great recipe. what she did next is take the mixture and put it into crescent rolls and then you just tie them up together. and give it a little twist and tops that with some egg white. >> gotcha. >> go ahead and do that and sprinkle it with some sesame seeds. >> we have to move on. >> well, linda, though, let's talk about her real quick. she was our grand prize winner last year and because of that, she got to go to waikiki's spam jam in hawaii. if you win the contest, you can find yourself at spam jam. >> it's a lunch meat easy to travel with. these are? >> these are our spam cupcakes. how about cupcakes for dinner? >> finally. cupcakes right in the middle. >> it's like mini meatloaf, you have oatmeal and eggs in there. we frost our cupcakes with mashed potatoes. i like to use the hormel country crock mashed potatoes. they're really great for it. what we do after we frost the cupcakes is we sprinkle some
4:42 am
fresh chives or parsley on top and you've got a great center of the plate option with spam. >> and hormel has a great spokesperson for you. great meeting you. congratulations on all this. and your enthusiasm with spam is beyond reproach. >> thank you, brian. nice to be here today. >> let's go back inside to steve and gretchen to tell us what else you put together. >> looks delicious. bring me in one of those cupcakes and i'll pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. >> i greased the cupcake pan. >> i grew up just frying spam. that was one -- >> delicious. >> i'm from minnesota. that's where it's based. all right. this is what we have coming up on the show. she took a stand for the pledge of allegiance. why is she facing six months in the slammer? you'll find out. she's with us live. >> and move over, matisse and say hello to matisse. how to teach your dog to paint. not making that up. ♪ sun in the sky
4:43 am
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>> now time for some headlines, brian is outside so i'm going to do some sports. the four month nfl lockout is nearly over. players are reportedly on board with the owners now. the vote likely to be ratified later on today. that means training camp could start as soon as this week. and check out this moose on the loose. in idaho. she was running through neighborhoods eluding the cops. they finally caught up with her when she took a break under the shade tree. she was eventually lassoed and then later set free out in the woods. brian, like elsa the lion from "born free." >> right. let's talk about dogs. >> ok. from turning your dogs into the next picasso to potty training your pet, yep, right in the toilet, entrepreneurs from across the u.s. have descended on new york city to share the new pet gadgets. >> here with a preview is
4:47 am
charlotte reed. great to see you. love your enthusiasm again. what are you doing to that dog? >> ok, one of the greatest things that james bison, amazing entrepreneur has a line of pet products. this is his new groom which we love, you can imagine vacuuming your dog. you push this. you groom your dog. mess free tool and when the vacuum is on, all the hair gets sucked up. >> really? >> perfect. >> so my daughter wants a dog. i told her it has to be one that doesn't shed. now i could get this! >> exactly. you know what? i'm going to leave this with you. this will give you the incentive. >> gretchen can have this dog? >> no, she can't have that dog. my husband would kill me. next up, love this leash and combo. it's designed by aerospace engineers. and it's a walky way. imagine if you're having a fire in the middle of the night, you have a built in leash and collar combo right here. i usually have my dogs wear this for precaution. you know, in new york if your leash breaks or need something at the dog park quickly, love this. this is an e collar.
4:48 am
remember when guys wore the collars after having surgery, this is soft, it can fold up and fold down. >> what about from matisse to mut-tisse? >> love this. art-casso. i did this with my dog last night. it's a beautiful painting right there. you can see it right there. and it's actually the first creative kit for your dog. you can spend the day painting. especially if the dog is staying with its grandparents. they have something to do. >> ok. gotcha. >> next up, we love pup-cakes, first microwaveable box cakes, i made this last night. this is peanut butter and peanut butter. >> it looks good. humans shouldn't eat this. >> it's organic. if you want to, we can test this. >> maybe after we talk about using the toilet. >> one of the things, someone who was an entrepreneur and lived in an extremely small apartment. she had no place to put the
4:49 am
litter box. she decided to teach her cat how to use the toilet and success. i mean, not only did the cat use the toilet but she saved hundreds and hundreds actually thousands of dollars on litter. a lot of people don't realize that litter is the number one pet product bought in the united states. >> wow. >> this is $19.99. >> and it actually works? >> it actually works. you have to go in steps and actually, she has a tool that you can flush the toilet. >> oh, my gosh. >> never seen brian speechless. >> i am. >> charlotte reed, thanks so much. we got through a lot of stuff here. >> we're going on have all these great pet-praneurs at my showcase tomorrow. >> good job. meanwhile, coming up, i'll go to steve the only way i can by saying steve, i'm going to you. >> thank you very much, brian. i'm taking it from you. next up on the rundown, punished for defending the pledge. meet the woman from texas whose patriotism could land her in jail. but first on this date in 1866,
4:50 am
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>> she stood toup for the pled of allegiance but now may have to stand before a grand jury. when natalie nichols found out the mrepledge was being removed from her county meeting's minutes, she spoke up and now her county wants to take her to court. joining us from dallas is bowie county clerk natalie nichols. good morning to you, natalie. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> great to have you as well.
4:54 am
you know, the monthly minutes of your meetings shows everything that happens and you had put, it had been put in the minutes that they had a pledge and they had a prayer. you, however, went away to a meeting and you came back and discovered what had happened? >> the judge had physically crossed through and xed out the prayer and the pledge in the minutes that i created and i asked him about it. i asked him for the physical document that he wrote on and he said these are no longer there. and that's not gonna happen on my watch. i'm sorry. >> we've got a quote from the judge, bowie county judge sterling lacy said purposefully do not place items such as the pledge and/or invocation on the agenda and purposely perform them prior to calling the meeting to order for fear of being "sued by an organization such as the aclu" and do not want to give the impression that it is the court's official stance. so it sounds like he was just trying to cover their bases. let's take that out. we don't want to get sued but that is not an accurate reflection of what happened in
4:55 am
the meeting. >> it's not an accurate reflection and it's also not a defense to a lawsuit. if somebody was going to sue you, they're not going to sue you because you wrote down that you said the prayer and the pledge. they're going to sue you because you said it. >> and after the judge said that, you told him judge, you're lying! and now, you stand the possibility of going before a grand jury. you might get fired. you might have to pay a fine. you might have to go to jail. >> yeah, well, what actually happened is there was another meeting where he was back tracking. he's obviously gotten a lot of negative feedback from citizens all over saying what were do yo doing? he started to deflect that saying i had not put the items in the minutes and also, i never put a devotional that didn't exist. i couldn't sit there and listen to him lying and i said you're lying. >> you've gotten a lot of support from people across the country that say thank you for sticking up for the pledge and the prayer as well. if you need to go to jail, based
4:56 am
on standing up for principle, what are you gonna do? >> if i need to go to jail for standing up for this country and for god, i will do so. there's a lot of people who have bled and died for this country, and i'm risking a little bit of jail time. i'm ok with that. >> when are you going to find out whether or not they bring you up before the grand jury? >> i have no idea. i've gotten so few details, it's not even funny. i found out about the whole thing from a reporter asking me what i thought about it. >> oh, man. so let's ask our people out there in tv lands, what do you think about what's happening to natalie nichols in bowie county, texas. e-mail us, friends at thank you very much for joining us. good luck with your fight. >> thank you so much. >> that is crazy. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, democrats and republicans walking out on yet another debt deal. will we ever find common ground or is it too late? the number three democrat in the house of representatives, james
4:57 am
clyburn here in the next hour. homeowners association says so what if he served our country? it's ordering a family to tear down that sign supporting their son. and our troops. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families
5:00 am
is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. it's monday, july 25th. thanks for sharing your time. i'm glec gresham carlson. the debt deals crumbles. both sides go it alone. are we worse off than ever before? we'll debate it for you. meanwhile, he has confessed to killing nearly 100 people in cold blood. the main stream media quick in some measure to paint the norway terror suspect as a crazy right winger. is that truer, or is the guy just nuts? we're going to report. you're going to decide. all right. so what if you served our country. a homeowner's association said that doesn't matter, this sign honoring one family's brave soldier, a marine, has to come down according to them. the family fighting it. we'll talk about it. "fox & friends" starts right now.
5:01 am
it's "fox & friends". i thought we would have a deal by now and would be talking about the after effects of it, what are the details going to be like. on friday with the dueling press conference, that was surreal. it reminded me of talk time where people are describing what it is, what happened, and a lot of people had a lot of questions. i would have paid to have been on the inside of any of these negotiations because it's really getting into i think -- i think it's getting personal. >> having been on vacation last week, i especially thought when i came back, we're going to be talking about this deal and the solution that they've come up, but not so. so instead, i think we're going to kick off the headlines and we'll come back to discussing this debate. is that true? i think so. you're looking at pictures from outside the oslo courthouse where norway terror suspect anders behring breivik is being arraigned for the terror attacks. he's charged with killing at
5:02 am
least 93 people in the bombing and shooting rampage. he wanted an open hearing so he could rant about his motives but the judge ordered it closed over security concerns. prosecutors want him to remain in custody for at least eight weeks, unusual for norway's justice system. breivik admitted to the attacks but said he did not break the law. in the meantime, police in the south of france have raided his father's home. reports say he has not spoken to his son in at least 16 years. scary sight in the skies over the dallas area. one of the engines on this american airlines jet heading to brazil caught fire after taking off from dallas fort worth international airport. you can see the pilot dumping a lot of fuel to lighten the load for an emergency landing. tires burst on the landing because of excess weight. local residents reported smelling gas in the air. no word yet on what caused the fire. the hotel maid accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault is going public with her identity and breaking her
5:03 am
silence. 32-year-old woman tells news woom and abweek and abc news ths god punishes dominique strauss-kahn and he gets sent to jail. regarding questions about her own credibility, she admits she made mistakes but said that shouldn't stop prosecutors from going forward with the case. brian's favorite story of the day, a happy ending in the works for this penguin known as happy feet. the 10-month-old took his first dip in the water since being rescued on a new zealand beach last month, and soon he's going to be heading home. he was found very sick with sand in his stomach. he got lost after leaving ant leavingantarctica. >> if you're a penguin watching, don't eat sticks. if you eat sticks, you'll end up on a beach. >> i think the important part of that message is if you're a penguin watching television and you understand the english
5:04 am
language, i think you should call me because i would like to represent you in hollywood. >> exactly. you would have a great disney movie. >> that sounds almost as crazy as what's going on on capitol hill. >> it is crazy. >> will the republicans and democrats actually come to any kind of solution? a lot of people thought it would happen yesterday because there's a lot of talk about the effect on the asian markets and our own markets here in the united states if they didn't come up with a deal. they walked away last night after a lot of meetings with still no deal. >> remember, the senate has not come up with a budget in two years. the senate has not put one proposal forward that they back, talking about the democratic majority held senate. nothing. they wouldn't even entertain the cap, cut, and balance bill. they wouldn'tdy bait it. they said we're not going to vote on it. now they finally have a plan that harry reid has put forward. get ready for this. they'll raise the debt ceiling exactly to the distance that the president wants, 2.4 trillion,
5:05 am
to get him through 2013, through the election. that's the president's demand. they'll have 2.7 trillion dollars worth of cuts with no entitlement reform and no reform and no tax hikes which is basically impossible. >> one of the things is they're apparently counting money not going to be spent on war which is a gimmick, and people are going hm. they've got a trillion dollars worth of gimmick. meanwhile, john boehner' boehnen is the same plan he presented yesterday to mr. reid and mr. mcconnell, and they all agreed on it. they agreed on it even though it's a short-term deal, two phases. the first phase would raise the debt ceiling by a trillion and have 1.2 trillion cuts by the end of the year, something required by the republicans, and then future cuts would be guided by a 12-member commission modeled off of cut, cap, and balance going forward. so that's what -- the interesting thing about the boehner deal, though, is the
5:06 am
fact that it is a short-term deal, and when harry read took boehner's proposal up to the white house yesterday, even though congress was all on board, the president said it's a short-term deal. i told you. i'm going to veto that if it came to my desk, so they said go back to the drawing board because i'm not going to go along with it. >> it's interesting because i would be hard pressed to believe the president would veto any deal at this point. if an actual deal comes to his desk, is he really going to veto it? would he want to be on the hook for not putting some sort of plan in action? at some point you want to call that bluff if you're the republicans. the other thing is i think it's really significant that harry reid puts a plan forward last night because the republicans have been saying mr. president, where is your plan? maybe this is an effort now, the president's not going to actually put out his own personal plan but to have harry reid put one out. does that save him from having to put out his own plan? quite possibly. >> they're in a lot of trouble, and we're getting down to the
5:07 am
wire. the administration is making everyone feel more pa panicked n less. it doesn't make sense to make the world markets crazy. you talk about crazy insane. what about the dual attack over in norway and knowing who is behind it? these teenagers were essentially assassinated in cold blood by one gunman. he admits it, gave himself up. there he is right in front of you. he planted a bomb with evil intentions and killed three. the country is shaken to the core. what is his message? what did he hope to accomplish? >> apparently he spent two years putting together his own personal manifesto. for a guy who worked for two years on it, he cut and pasted a whole bunch of the unabomber stuff. he also quoted danielle hannon on this program, he quotes churchill, gan gan ghandi, bern,
5:08 am
even the u.s. constitution. given all those sources of information into that guy's head, members of the main stream media have called him a right winger. >> earlier on the program we had an expert on terrorism, and here's what he had to say about those claims. >> not basically an anti-muslim, an anti-anybody else. on the other hand, he's not into religion. i didn't see much of citing jesus or thee logical debate. he was talking about a europe that existed before the 20th century. he's not on the right. he's not on the left. he's just a european fundamentalist. >> just watch. in the "new york times" today they say a 2009 report cited one of the greatest threats to our own security are right wing christian extremists, and there was such uproar because the far school nation of that report, they never published it. they made a big deal of it. now look to see people being
5:09 am
concerned about muslim extremists to what this guy's doing. >> all right. we'll let you decide how you feel about that. in the meantime there's an uproar going on in a subdivision. we've told you countless stories like this where people put up some form of pat patriotism, whr it's a flag or a sign. parents of marin marine corporay burr put up this sign. their own subdivision is suing them to take that sign down. >> we're don we've done storiesu know the drill. when you move into a neighborhood that has a home owners association, you sign a paper that says you'll go along with all their rules. even though they're supporting their son, the home owners association has rules. the burr family argues that there are signs supporting sports teams and schools that
5:10 am
also adorn other houses, and nobody's suing them. why are you suing us? >> good question. let us know how you feel about it. friends@fox or tweet us as well. for more than two decades they thought he was dead. this man's family shocked to find him alive and well and at a job, living a brand new life. >> plus, the deal to fix our nation's debt just fell apart. both sides now going it alone except for plans they'll unveil today. will that really work, or is our economy headed off the cliff? the number three democrat in the u.s. house, that man is here next. [ male announcer ] walls can talk.
5:11 am
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5:14 am
as we near the august 2nd deadline. two competing plans from senator harry reid and speaker of the house john boehner, but the plans as we've told you, pretty far apart. congressman james clyburn joins me live now. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. >> you're welcome. many of us thought that we would have a plan or a deal on the table as of last night. it didn't happen. what dow make of the new plans that have been released? >> well, i think these plans are good frame works, and we ought to measure the two. the fact is that you cannot put these two plans together unless there's compromise coming from both sides. this whole notion that my plan has got to be the plan is not the way you do legislation. so i would hope that senator reid's ideas and framework will be meshed with speaker boehner's
5:15 am
ideas and framework and let us all meet somewhere in the middle on these two issues. now, let's do it in the long term. this is not just about trying to get through an election. this is all about trying to calm the markets all around the world, and if we can do something for the long term, that will have a tremendous benefit upon our relationship with other nations around the world. >> i hear you on that. i hear you on that as far as long term deal. however, when you look at senator reid's plan from last night, he's not touching entitlements at all. i think most people would agree that long term, we have to touch entitlements because our country simply can't afford to continue at the rate that we have. >> well, the last time i checked, speaker boehner's plan will not touch the wealthy. the upper 2%. he will not do anything to close loop holes for anybody that say
5:16 am
to get rid of oil and gas subsidies is tant mount to a tax increase, that is where we have to compromise. he has to come off of that notion. senator ride wil reid will comes notion about entitle ments. this whole thing that 98% of the american people continue to sacrifice while the upper 2% is paying an effective rate of around 18%, effective tax rate. it doesn't matter about 35% if you've got so many loopholes. >> the current equation you're not putting in there, congressman. >> when you're go you've got ory people going to work every day, doing the construction work, people who are receptionists at various. >> and half of the american public is not paying any federal tax. >> they're paying a rate of 26%? i'm sorry? >> half of the american people not paying any taxes. i understand your point of view
5:17 am
that you want to tax the wealthy. >> it ought to be fair. >> okay. >.>> the same way we want to do tax reform, let's do tax reform with a commission that will study it, come back with sort of what we call a base realignment and that is something we've done before. we can do it with tax reform, and we can do it with entitlement reform, but we ought not do this in isolation at the expense of the other. let's have two commissions working for the next six months, make their recommendations, come back to the congress and let's do this the way reagan and oneill did social security years ago. >> i think the american public is a little tired of some of these commissions. you had the debt commission that gave all their recommendations and the preds didn't include any of those in his budget. let me get to the next topic. >> i beg to differ with you, but that's okay. >> congressman david wu.
5:18 am
a democrat from oregon facing an ethics investigation over a possible sexual encounter with a young woman. i'm interested in your thoughts because the former speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, made an infamous statement about draining the swamp op ethics situations. you had the anthony wiener situation where he was eventually force today resign. will members of congress force david wu to resign as well? >> well, if my memory serves, we've had some of this on the republican side as well. i won't go back to the excongressman from new york's 26th. let's not be one-side its with this. ethics knows no boundaries. a violation of ethics knows no boundary. this is a pox on both of our houses. having said that, let me say this. i know david wu very well, and i hope that he will talk to me about this as he has talked to
5:19 am
me about other things in the past, and if he were to talk to me about this, i will offer him my recommendations going forward. now, they're going to be recommendations i would give him. i'm not going to discuss what i say to him over the air, but i will talk to him when i get to washington this afternoon and i would hope that he would do what's in the best interests of himself, of the congress, and of the american people. >> right. the only difference in that case is the republican in upstate new york was he resigned immediately before it became a big huge deal. congressman james clyburn, democratic from south carolina. >> you know, that's a difference. >> he did resign right away. >> i'm sorry? >> i've gotta run. >> yes, he did. >> we hope we get to some sort of a debt deal some day soon before august 2nd. thank you, congressman. how do you start a small business and keep it republicanning in the economy. the turn around king here to
5:20 am
share the secret. the video that's burning up the web. >> do you want to marry christina? >> no, no, yes. >> i don't want to marry her, no. >> kids fighting over marriage. you have t to see the whole thi. ♪[music] also get a free flight.
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5:23 am
there's a new show on the national geographic channel that helps struggling businesses in the tough economy turn things around and get back on their feet. >> many of the dealers who were terminated under the gm bankruptcy proceedings immediately closed their doors or had massive layoffs. we kept our doors open, and we had no massive layoffs. through thick and thin, we stuck
5:24 am
with the employees that stuck with us. many times making payroll out of our own pocket. >> the truth is these brothers only have a few months to turn this around. if they don't take to heart what i'm telling them, this family business will end right here. >> joining us right now is the star of turnpike aroun turn arot cardone this is an example what so many people are going through across the country. what a brilliant idea to bring to the big screen. >> thank you very much. this is an unscripted reality show. it was literally turn that camera on and follow me in this business, not like some of what you see out there. we weren't spending money to rehabilitate the furniture and the business which most small business owners can't do. there's millions of companies either in trouble or on the verge of being in trouble that don't have credit lines and don't have cash. >> okay. and since there are so many companies right now, grant, in trouble, i know we're going to ask you to tell us about some of your tips. for instance, one of the tips
5:25 am
for a business struggling now. decide on a turn around. what does that mean. >> first, it's like the alcoholic or the drug addict. you have to decide hey, i'm going to turn this around and quit making excuses. quit being distracted by so much of the governmental, you know, reasons that people have for not making it work. have you to stop all the negativivity and say hey, i'm turning this around. it's up to me. it's not up to the government. they can't figure this out. it's not the economy. it's almost like you have to -- we put this sign in many of the companies. it's like stop the negativivity. stop the blame. >> curfew got to get you've go. you've got to decide what about the company, what's the major problem that has to know emilor emiloratew righd right away. >> they have to define the problem and get the problem solved. >> okay. so in the case of we just saw the excerpt from your upcoming
5:26 am
program. at that place what was the one problem that you had to turn around? >> in both places we did, the biggest problem was the inability to drive revenue. that's the trouble with most companies today, just they can't drive revenue. they think debt is their problem. they think credit is their problem. they can't establish a line of credit. for most companies, the solution is increase revenue. so if you define that one problem, even despite personal danger, you have to figure out how to attack that one problem. despite personal danger. don't do something comfortable, but that hard thing that might actually solve the problem at the business. >> you say it begins and maybe ends with revenue, so focus on how to do that, whether it's cars or some other product, figure out a way to get the customer in the door. >> yeah. it doesn't matter whether you're selling gym memberships or cookies or cars or computers. people have to drive revenue. enough revenue solves all debt problems. >> sure. absolutely. he's the turn around king. check it out on the national
5:27 am
geographic channel. grant cardon't know joinin card. this dad living a double life. his family thought he was dead but he was alive and well and working in las vegas. how did that happen? new york's mayor claims america's reputation is heading down the toilet. fellow new yorker donald trump weighs in live. the airline lost his luggage. now this country singer gets his rerevenge. >> got a problem? that's your problem. they don't care. >> dale watson with another message for the airlines, and he's here to sing about it. s ♪[music] ♪
5:28 am
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got headlines for you. first up, tee teenagers participating in an outdoors skill course faced a real life survival. the bear attacked two men. they're in critical condition right now, but they might have been in much worse shape if it were not for another kid with a good kick. >> sam was fighting the bear oofneoffand kicking him. another boy came up and started kicking the bear, you know, to help sam fight the bear off, and the bear then went away. >> thankfully. meanwhile, the teenagers, age 16 and 18, were alone on the trip
5:32 am
with no instructor. after the attack, they administered first aid to each other and used an emergency locatolocator becon to get some. 24 hours before amy winehouse was found dead, her doctor apparently gave her the all clear. not sure what that means. according to british reports, her doctor checked on her regularly because of years of substance abuse. friend say she was spotted buying cocaine, ecstasy, heroin the week before she died. an autopsy will be done today. amy winehouse just 27 years old. all eyes on the new jersey governor in iowa to help with steve king's reelection and to attend and education summit. also in iowa today, republican candidates michele bachmann, tim pawlenty, and ron paul. an illinois man turned up alive as a bookie in vegas. 72-year-old arthur jones was charged with identity them after
5:33 am
he was busted with a fake social security number and driver's license. the husband and father of three was likely running from his past that included gambling debts and links to the mop. nonetheless, dad is alive in vegas. finally, they're doomed from the start. meet owen and christina, a young couple who might need some couples counseling. >> do you want to marry christina? >> no, yes. >> no. no. >> yes. >> i won't marry you. >> no. >> yes. >> sounds like my house over the weekend. the video has gotten over 250,000 hits on youtube. i'm talking about my kids. my daughter wants to marry my son. my son says no. you know how that is. >> somebody who joins us every monday is donald trump. as you see right there, the young man, the young woman, a
5:34 am
microcosm of marriage in some measure. >> i guess that's right, but i think the country has bigger problems. >> you're so right. you wrote a book, the art of the deal, a "new york times" best seller for a long time. you were on the program saying the republicans are doing a bad job. fast forward. what are they doing wrong, both sides? >> they've got t to continue toe tough. obama doesn't want the six month extension. that almost assures he doesn't get reeelected. i think the republicans would be crazy unless they get 100% of the deal that they want right now to make any deal. >> what do you mean? >> it's funny. last night i was hearing how the asian markets are going to crash, how the world was going to crash this morning. i just checked, and the world has not crashed. sort of interesting. you know, obama doesn't want a short-term deal. he doesn't want any deal that comes due before the election. >> right. he can't get elected. if this happens, for instance, if this stuff is going on prior
5:35 am
to an election, he can't get elected. he possibly can't get elected anyway if they choose the right candidate which is a big if. the fact is, unless the republicans get 100% of what they want and that may include getting rid of obama care which is a total disaster, then they should not make a deal other than a minor extension which would take you before the election which would assure that obama doesn't get elected which would be a great thing. >> now, you're talking about donald trump, the international businessman, because if you look at the average american when they're polled, it seems the president of the united states gets less of the blame than republicans do, but you see republicans with maximum leverage. >> absolutely the republicans have the leverage. i don't care about polls. when it comes time to default, they're not going to remember any of the republicans name. they'll remember in the history books one name and that's obama. they're not going to be talking about boehner or anybody else. they're going to be talking about obama, and obama knows that. the point is unless the republicans make the real deal
5:36 am
now, get 100% of what they have to get to make this country great again, because right now it is not great, then they should do an extension that comes due right before the election which guarantees that obama doesn't get reelected. >> i want to get your thoughts on this particular piece of an interview from bloomberg. the mayor of new york here. i want to get your thoughts about whether or not you agree with him. >> i don't think anybody will look ever again at america and the dollar as the reserve currency where this is the standard by which all other risks are measured. the world won't come to an end. we will find a way to pay people afterwards and get government going again, but it puts a doubt in the -- >> you know what he means. >> anyway, he goes on to say it's one seismic event that says you can never depend 100% on america's word any more. do you agree with the man? >> first of all, he's a great guy and a great mayor and he's
5:37 am
done a good yob, a really good job in new york city. the fact is he's saying what we all believe. we want to get out and make a deal, but we want to make a great deal. i think he wants that to happen also. we want to make a great deal, the real deal. we don't want to do a temporary deal. we don't want to do a bandaid. we want to fix this country, do something spectacular. by the way, gretchen, your interview of congressman clyburn was fantastic today. >> thank displu it really showed something. when he came out and said you know, we ought to establish a couple of committees and come back in six months. that's what's wrong with this country. >> well, i think the sentiment of the american public is we had that big debt commission and then the president didn't use any of that in his budget plan, but maybe now they'll actually use it. >> they love committees. you know that. committee after committee, and i think they need to fix what's going on right now. it's amazing. >> part of the boehner plan is
5:38 am
cut right now, raise the debt ceiling, but part of his plan is to essentially have a 12-man bi-partisan committee as well to figure out what to do with entitlements and stuff like that down the road. >> steve, we have to get it solved once and for all. if we don't get it solved now, do an extension, do a six-month extension, do some kind of something, but do not do anything permanent. it has to be solved. if you're going to go for the permanent solution, it has to be done now. i think obama care should figure in. now, he's not going to do that very easily, but he's the one, really, that has all the pressure because he's the one that's got to take the heat. i don't care what the polls say. it's obama that's going to take the heat. he knows it and so do the democrats know it. >> now, donnel donald, you saide republicans don't pick the right candidate, two candidates you're familiar with, michele bachmann and tawb goin tim pawlenty goint really hard against each other. bachmann saying pawlenty is more like obama than anybody else,
5:39 am
and then pawlenty saying bachmann is someone essentially without any accomplishments. what's your take on these two? >> look. i've met michele bachmann. she's a nice woman. she came to trump tower. tim pawlenty blew it during the debate. when he had his chance to go after romney care and he had a great chance and h they just ket lobbing it up, lobbing it up, and he refused to hit the ball. i think he blew it. when i saw that, it was like it's over. now, the problem with pawlenty, he's trying to be a tough guy. i see his clips today on your show. he's trying to be a tough guy, but he's not. you know, you can't be something that you're not, but hey, he's trying. >> governor perry, is he the wrong guy? governor hunts man, is he the wrong guy in your eye? >> huntsman hasn't caught on. perry might catch on. i met him once very briefly. he might catch on. it's going to be interesting to see. it's going to be a very interesting year, that i can
5:40 am
tell you. >> so lucky you join us each and every monday, donald trump, thank you very much. >> thank you all. >> we know the world markets are watching washington. what happens to our money if they lose confidence in our politicans? >> yeah. and the airlines lost his luggage. now that country singer gets his revenge. ♪[music] >> dale watson with another message for the airlines arcnd,d he's going to deliver it dlie. it live. ncer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪
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5:44 am
news a bomb sniffing dog tipped them off to the package. the passenger who brought it inside has left on a flight to san francisco. we'll have more updates as they come in. meanwhile, everybody's out of the building there at american airlines. speaking of airlines, are you tired of the airlines losing your bags? one country singer is firing back afn airlin after an airlins luggage and refused to reimburse him. >> shortly after the song went viral on the internet, the airline finally reimbursed him for the $500 worth of excess baggage fees. dale watson joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first of all, they charge you $500 for excess baggage fees. >> i have to add after the video went out or after the song was written, i should say, and all my australian fans heard about it and started e-mailing tiger
5:45 am
airways. after that happened they not only gave me the 500 for the excess baggage, they gave me the 1200 euro i spent to buy the cds and ship them there. >> not only did you have to pay that fee of 500, they lost them. >> that's the kicker. >> that was the kicker that made you mad enough to write the song. >> that's true. >> you said a little threat at one point. listen, i'm not happy, i'm going to write a song. they said go ahead. >> they said go ahead. even after that, one of the reps got pretty upset and said he would tear up the check and nothing i could do about it since i was in america. my australian friends, thank you very much for all your help. >> i've gotta hear the song that got your 500 bucks back and your $2000. would you sing it? >> i'll be glad to. >> all right. here it is.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> all right. [ laughter ] >> that's a catchy tune, and it caught their attention because you immediately got your money back. >> yes. that's right. we should introduce mike and chris as well. >> very nice. i like the lyric tiger airways, we don't care ways. i got a feeling people out there my actually co op that lyric and use it on what airline they're flying on. >> sad to say, it just doesn't go to tiger. >> dale, thanks so much, good luck to you dispr thanks a lot. we know the world markets are watching washington. what happens to our money if they lose confidence in our politicans, that's coming up. hey, guys, great music, great to hear it. meanwhile, with the debt debate continuing and no solution in sight, how will the markets react today?
5:49 am
we'll show you. plus the aftermath from the racist rampage in norway. the gunman makes his first appearance in court where he reportedly wants to explain himself. we're live there. the story of a terrible traffic accident in new york and the hero soldier who came to the rescue. we'll see you in 11 minutes. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios...
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5:52 am
another deadline and still no deal on the debt ceiling. are the democrats using the debt debate to create chaos on wall street and force republicans to compromise. >> you've written an op ed about this, charlie. you say here's the thing. the fact that obama and company keep using the d word, default, means one of two things. >> what did ra rahm emanuel say?
5:53 am
he neve really means default whi can't imagine he's that insane to default on the debt. that would lead to an economic calamity on par with what happened in 2008 and maybe worse. the u.s. has always been money good for its debt. all other debt is based often that. if the u.s. government is not good, why would a bank be good? who would lend money. the real thing i think he's doing is to unsettle the global markets. he's not doing such a great job. i think the nikkei is down. there are issues in europe. gold is up which is a flight to maybe safety. not totally tanking the markets, but his words about default are having an immaterial pact. i will say this. we do not have to default. it's not like we're broke, like we have zero. we take in 2 trillion a year, we spend 3 trillion a year. debt service is 200 billion. these are big numbers, but we
5:54 am
have more than enough to pay off bond holders. it's the other stuff. >> what's so interesting about your column is you're saying it doesn't work to his advantage which this is his economic report card. >> long term. >> we keep talking about default and armageddon. it's all politics. to see the treasure secretary say that, that's unseemly. >> i just thought that was one of tim geithner's worst performances ever, to keep saying default. he knows how much he takes in and how much goes out. this guy has been an economic burbureacrat. he knows what it will cause. for him to say that, you almost want to say we broke the story on fox business that he was thinking about leaving after the debt crisis. maybe he should leave before. this is really having an unsettling impact. the point i was making in the article today, it doesn't work to obama's long term advantage if we default.
5:55 am
clearly this is a president with grandiose spending plans whether you like him or not. that's what he wants to do. it helps him short-term. this is the club that he can unsettle the markets. i will expect the republicans today, if they don't do this, they're crazy, to say we have enough money on hand to pay off bond holders. we think this is a hollow threat by the president unless he's really insane and he thinks default is the way to go. >> you said chaos got him elected in 2008 and he kind of likes it. "fox & friends" back in 2 minutes. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel.
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Audio Cocec mp2
Pixel width 720
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 7/25/2011